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Bonnie Phelps, author

Contemporary Romance novels

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First, let me say congratulations to all of you who still look forward to spending time with a good book!  As a writer and avid reader myself, it’s sad to learn that 80% of US adults did not buy a book in the past year and 33% of high school graduates will never read a book after high school.  I believe that reading stimulates our imagination by taking us to places and putting us in situations we might otherwise never encounter.  Reading also shares universal truths about life and relationships that help us understand ourselves and others better.


Thank you for spending time with the characters I create. I hope you had as much fun reading my books as I had writing them!
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Divorced from one woman who put her career ahead of everything – including their young son, Chad – Josh Kincaid isn’t about to make that same mistake twice. If he ever falls in love again, it’s going to be with a woman who puts family first. Chad is the most important thing in Josh’s life and he’ll do whatever it takes to be an active part of his life. But his ex has other plans and painfully shy Josh has to step up and fight for his son.

Feisty and driven, Fiona Reilly has plans. She left home to break away from the expectations that she marry and stay home to raise a passel of children. Nothing wrong with that life – it’s just not for her. Instead, she’s going to make something of herself and build a business to be reckoned with. In no hurry to fall in love, Josh and his adorable son capture her heart, forcing her to choose between her dreams and building the home she didn’t know she wanted.

 Love has a way of messing up even the best of intentions…

I respect your privacy and will never rent, sell, or give away your personal information.

Bonnie Phelps, Author

Ordinary People, extraordinary love!   

Extraordinary Love Stories

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