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Extraordinary Love Stories

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She’s learned the hard way – don’t trust men with secrets!

General contractor Jessica ‘Jess’ Winters lives by three rules: take pride in your work, don’t trust people who keep secrets – and the cardinal rule – don’t date employees. Breaking just one could lead to disaster, but her new employee has Jess debating breaking two of the three. She’s put her heart and soul into turning her construction business into an industry leader. Will breaking her rules destroy her dreams?

Recovering addict Devin Miller lives by one rule: Shine a light on the secrets from his past so justice is served. He’d learned at a young age that his father’s shady business practices had ruined lives, sending Devin’s life into a tailspin. Now he’s back to make things right. But doing so means lying to everyone – including his sexy new boss Jess Winters, the daughter of one of his father’s victims. When the truth comes out, will she forgive him… or walk away from him forever? 

Will breaking their rules give them what they really want – to heal the wounds of the past?

Bonnie Phelps, author

Contemporary Romance novels

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First, let me say congratulations to all of you who still look forward to spending time with a good book!  As a writer and avid reader myself, it’s sad to learn that 80% of US adults did not buy a book in the past year and 33% of high school graduates will never read a book after high school.  I believe that reading stimulates our imagination by taking us to places and putting us in situations we might otherwise never encounter.  Reading also shares universal truths about life and relationships that help us understand ourselves and others better.


Thank you for spending time with the characters I create. I hope you had as much fun reading my books as I had writing them!

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